29 Apr

Virtual IP, MgmtEth interfaces and switchover on ASR9k

On ASR9000 router you have two RSP’s, both with MgmtEth0 interfaces. Interfaces on both of RSP’s have to be in the same subnet, what more a Virtual IP address, that is in the same subnet as MgmtEth0’s interfaces have to be configured. So technically you may think that you have three out-of-band management entry points to the router. This is unfortunately false.
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15 Mar

Testing SSO on ASR1k

IOS XE on ASR1000 provides two forms of redundancy. First one is well-known hardware redundancy available in ASR1006 where two RP’s and ESP’s can be installed. On other platforms software redundancy and ISSU can be configured. Because IOS XE is in fact just one of a Linux processes running on the platform while system is booting up no one but two instances of iosd are executed in background, but only one is active. Both processes are running on same Route Processor. Standby IOS process can be switched to in the event of an IOS failure, and can also be used to upgrade sub-package software in some scenarios as the standby IOS process in an ISSU upgrade.
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