15 Jul

Simple line card performance testing configuration (IOS XR)

It’s easy trick but I’m going to put it here anyway so anyone can use it and for me so I can easy find code when I need it 🙂 This is “snake” that is made traffic from generator go through all ports on line cards and between two line cards. It’s made for testing purposes in lab environment if you need to verify performance capability of ASR9K router (or any other runnin IOS XR in this case) for customer.
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11 Jul

Auditing IPv6 readiness on Cisco networks

IPv6 is coming. You should already know that and get prepared. One of the step one should consider is performing IPv6 Readiness audit. This audit should consist of network and application checking with great care of network functionality and security. Results might be surprising but that’s not the main point of this post. Auditing process might be interesting and hard itself.

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