04 Oct

Identyfying PPPoE transient sessions

If PPP negotiations fails (ie. due to problems with authentication or lack of account on RADIUS server) session stays in transient state for some time. You can list those session

bras# show pppoe summary                                             
    PTA  : Locally terminated sessions
    FWDED: Forwarded sessions
    TRANS: All other sessions (in transient state)

                                TOTAL     PTA   FWDED   TRANS
TOTAL                            5678    5673       0       5
GigabitEthernet1/0/0             3863    3862       0       1
GigabitEthernet1/1/0             1815    1811       0       4

It’s possible to identify MAC address for modems that couldn’t establish sessions

bras# sh pppoe ses | i LCP   
   3095  28818  000e.5499.722d  Gi1/0/0.525              1  N/A        LCP  
   3548  28669  001f.a45c.7a4d  Gi1/1/0.527              1  N/A        LCP  
  13370  28817  0013.3319.316d  Gi1/1/0.527              1  N/A        LCP  
   6372  28813  0013.3199.751e  Gi1/1/0.527              1  N/A        LCP  
   6018  28812  0019.c8a3.3d66  Gi1/1/0.1598             3  N/A        LCP  

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