16 Jun

MPLS workshop #1 – Basic MPLS Core configuration

This is the first post in a series where I’ll be presenting various aspects of MPLS network. Starting from basics and moving forward to more advanced topics. We’ll be using following topology:

As you can see we have two P routers, three PE routers, four CE routers and one of PE routers will also act as BGP route reflector. Different MPLS L3VPN networks are using different CE-PE protocols. Every router have Loopback0 interface configured with address 10.0.0.x/32 where x is the router number. Subnets on links between routers are addressed in scheme known from CCIE workbooks, that third octet shows between what routers link is configured and fourth octet represents router number. So if we are talking about link between R4 and R5 the address on R4 E0/1 interface is and on R5 E0/1 interface
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