03 Apr

CCIE Playground transforms into IT Playground

It’s been 7 years since I’ve started this blog. It was 6 months after I gained my CCIE certification and thought it will be good place to share some of interesting technical stuff from projects I’ve been working on. I was then deep into Cisco world due to fact company I was working for was Cisco Gold Partner and majority of projects were done using Cisco products. There was a gap in posting when I had little time to focus on blog but in October 2016 it was back in game. In little refreshed form in term of content.

What’s new on IT Playground?

Now it’s time for little rebranding. As you may noticed content is already not as Cisco-oriented as it used to be. I’m doing different projects now, there are different customers I’m working for, technology moves forward as well. There is more talk about SDN, DevOps, cloud technologies, virtualization etc. CCIE is very important and valuable certification for me but Cisco is not the only vendor worth focusing on.

Therefor I’m moving from ‘CCIE Playground’ to ‘IT Playground’.

I received very good feedback about latest posts on REST API so I’ll still try to show how to real new technologies and fill posts with practical examples. I will focus on design considerations that will be more vendor independent.  Security aspects of solutions will be important as well.

Blog is now available under link https://blog.it-playground.eu

I hope you’ll like it 🙂

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