08 Sep

Interface range vlan

Interface range command is quite widely used on Cisco switches to configure many physical interfaces at the same time. On 7600 routers it can be also used to configure many SVIs at the same time but you can use it only to configure existing SVIs within range. According to documentation this command cannot be used to create SVIs in that particular range which is not totally true.

Truth is you can’t create new range of SVIs with this command.

c7600-pwo(config)#int range vlan 10-20
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

There is interface range create vlan command that you have to use to create range of SVIs.

c7600-pwo(config)#int range create vlan 10-20

So you should assume that command interface range vlan 10-22 should not work. Well, you are wrong. Unless you start range within already created range new SVIs will be created.

c7600-pwo(config)#int range vlan 10-22 
c7600-pwo(config-if-range)#des test 3
c7600-pwo(config)#do sh run int vlan 22
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 69 bytes
interface Vlan22
 description test 3
 no ip address

But if specified range does not start within already defined SVIs new SVIs won’t be created

c7600-pwo(config)#int range vlan 9-22
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

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