12 Mar

Enabling IPv6 passthrough on WLC

Wireless network in controller-based environment is good place to start playing with IPv6. You can create separate VLAN and SSID to provide IPv6 service within network. Cisco wireless devices cannot be configured with IPv6-intelligence yet, therefor you can’t assign IPv6 address to access point or BVI interface if needed nor provide any security features. But they can pass IPv6 traffic between IPv6-aware routers and client devices.

By default stand-alone access point pass IPv6 traffic so no additional configuration is needed as long as routers, where particular VLAN is terminated, is properly configured. On Wireless LAN Controllers IPv6 pass-through have to be enabled for particular WLAN.

IPv6 support can be enabled in Advanced tab of WLAN configuration on controller. But, for some unknown reason, this feature is not available on WLC series 2000, 2100 and NME-WLC, even tho it’s visible on configuration panel. Also 7.0 firmware is recommended.

One thought on “Enabling IPv6 passthrough on WLC

  1. It seems really odd to me that v6 isn't supported on the 2100's.. any idea if that will change in the future? I ran across this when trying to get v6 running on our network with 2106's.. v6 itself works fine (as long as the IP is statically configured), but the ipv6 multicast packets used for autoconf do not get passed through.

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